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Season 6 Episode 20 : Season 6, Episode 20 - The World Beater

The Saint

Simon Templar is The Saint - adored by women, feared by his adversaries and a constant thorn in the side of police forces everywhere. A smooth-talking adventurer, the Saint goes in where angels fear to tread. Always where the action is, he courts danger with a smile, but his charm can sometimes be a lethal weapon. The Saint is always on a mission of mercy or intrigue, with a beautiful woman close at hand. He's Sir Lancelot without armor. A formidable enemy, an unwavering friend.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Actor: Roger Moore

Directors: Leslie Charteris

Countries: GB

Quality: DVD

Views: 27

Release: 1962

Runtime: 50

Content: TV-PG

IMDb: 8.2

Language: 1

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